Learn, Serve, Give

A Strong Community is an Engaged Community

Mustangs encourage, lead, share, have fun, discover, explore, teach, create, fail, stretch, reach, succeed, stumble, tinker, design, work hard, and play hard. And while all Mustangs are unique; we are all trailblazers in our own way.

It’s what some call “Mustang Magic,” and it’s what makes Mount Vernon special. Together our community draws distinction by celebrating strengths and overcoming challenges, with each individual playing an important role in the overall story.


Parents LEARN when exploring Mount Vernon above and beyond orientation and conferences, in the form of Parent University, Learning Walks, and Special Events. Regularly, the School hosts industry experts and national speakers, providing expertise on substantive topics.

Parent University

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Special Topics Series 2021-2022: Fostering Well-Being, Cultivating Community, and Designing the Future. Every 6-8 weeks parents (and grandparents) are invited to learn from national experts who share the ways to Cultivate Community, Navigate Stress and Anxiety in Teens, Approach the Birds and the Bees, and foster Courage, Connection, and Resilience.

Learning Walks

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Mount Vernon faculty have been conducting learning walks, or instructional rounds, to transform school culture from a closed door, master teacher mindset to an open door, collaborator mindset, for many years. Recognizing the value, the invitation is extended to parents to accompany teachers on these learning walks. With quiet, independent observations, parents enter the classroom, fade into the background or look over a student’s shoulder to better understand learning. By participating in the classroom as an observer, or a questioner, MV parents gain a strong understanding of the learning that is taking place through student comments, conversations, actions. All parents are invited to see learning in action.


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Mount Vernon hosts events both on-campus and off-campus to strengthen the MV community. Making connections is the goal, in order for all families to be comfortable, engaged, and included. From the School’s convocation welcome in August and back-to-school parent social in September, to Homecoming in October and Family Service Projects in November, to The Benefit Gala in February and the all-school, all-day, all-fun Mustang Rally in April, the School makes every effort to connect families regularly, whether it’s at a large-scale event or at any of the many in-school planned gatherings.


Parents SERVE when investing time, and/or talents in any capacity at the School. Examples: MVXperts, Chairing an MV Parent Network committee, volunteering for an Admissions event, serving Arts and/or Athletics.


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With a community of 1800+ industry experts, the MVXperts Network Committee works to connect and support the skills, services and businesses represented in the Mount Vernon parent community and the needs and opportunities for mentors, experts and partners, to support educational outcomes at the school. Our parent network of industry experts provide real-world learning to our students, either in the classroom, or off-site in an authentic setting.

Mount Vernon Parent Network

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The Mount Vernon Parent Network works to promote a strong sense of community by encouraging Mount Vernon families to Learn, Serve and Give. Parents are provided the opportunity to support each other, as well as faculty and staff in an informed, and welcoming environment. Success is grounded in a shared mission, supportive community and strong parent participation.

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The MV Cares Committee helps provide care and appreciation for our families, staff, faculty and greater community. This group helps organize school-wide faculty appreciation days, non-profit partnerships, parent prayer and service days, and activities such as meal trains and care for staff and families managing loss or illness.


Families GIVE to The MVFund every year to enhance the student experience. Give online to contribute to the MVFund, the School’s primary fundraising initiative that provides supplemental academic resources and activities. Every gift is tax-deductible and impacts this year’s students. All Mustangs. All In.


Online Gift

Making an Online Gift is an efficient and secure way to give. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with the gift receipt.



Stock Transfer: Contributing appreciated stock is a popular way to give as it reduces current income tax and capital gains. Please indicate your intention to transfer stock via our Securities Transfer Notification Form.

Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching Gift Program

A Gift Match could double or triple your gift.

Many employers participate in matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Search here  to see if your company offers a matching gifts program

Georgia Tax Credit

Georgia Tax Credit

Participation in this valuable program addresses the School’s critical need for targeted financial aid funding and is not considered a donation. It is, rather, a redirection of tax monies already owed to the state and therefore not related to participation in the annual Mount Vernon Fund.

Each year, the Georgia Private School Tax Credit (GOAL) Program in collaboration with the Mount Vernon Fund plays a critical role in Mount Vernon’s overall financial aid program. Participation in this program makes a positive impact on the School's ability to enroll and retain our students regardless of their family’s ability to pay full tuition.

Mount Vernon partners with Georgia GOAL, the state's leading Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). GOAL works with 152 independent schools throughout Georgia and has awarded scholarships to more than 17,000 deserving students since the program's inception in 2008.

Preregister TODAY to reserve your tax credit (consider this a “pledge,” as your actual payment will be made sometime between January and March 2021).

The amount you can redirect is limited by your tax filing status:

Individual Filer: Maximum of $1,000
Married Filing Jointly: Maximum of $2,500
Married Filing Separately: Maximum of $1,250
Owner of S Corp, LLC or Partnership: up to $10,000
C-Corp or Trust: up to 75% of annual GA income tax liability
If you have questions, please reference the GA GOAL FAQ or email [email protected].


At the moment when someone can say to themselves, “I’m a Mustang”, they already have a sense of belonging. A feeling of pride. An appreciation for school spirit. They are a part of the community. The Mount Vernon community. A community of students, parents, and teachers. The Mount Vernon circle is big but tight. We depend on one another. We are Mustangs.