You Are an Artist

True artists create in studios. Whether it’s a recording studio, art studio, film studio, or dance studio, art that changes the world gets made where artists are empowered to explore. Mount Vernon Studios works to pair students with instructors who are professional artists that have a passion for cultivating each student’s unique and individual creative potential. We are reimaging arts education to propel student creativity and connect them with an ever-expanding creative industry.


Ranked number one in the nation for Arts Innovation by the Arts Schools Network,
our arts programs are built for maximum choice and impact. With dozens of unique curricular and extra curricular opportunities, we give students real-world studio opportunities, which is why we refer to ourselves and the work we put out as Mount Vernon Studios.



Music Industry

Virtual Reality

2d Studio Arts

3d Studio Arts

Apprenticeships & Internships

Fashion, Fibers, and Accesory Design

Printmaking & Photography

Digital Arts

Puppetry Arts

Scenic Design


With over 100 events (including seven mainstage productions) per year, there is no shortage of ways to get involved. In fact, many of our students combine their talents and double their skills by performing in arts and athletics during different seasons of the school year.

Lower School Performing Arts

Middle School Theater

Upper School Theater

Music & Arts Showcases

YOU ARE AN ARTIST! Second through Fifth Grade Lower School artists let their creativity shine bright in their very own “Tiny Art Show”. #themountvernonschool #havefun #mvstudio
At Mount Vernon, students learn from genuine artists. Here MS Music Director Micah Caldwell walks an especially motivated group of students through his process of mixing his newest material.
The next round of Fabulous Mustangs get started!
Find me a more consistent MS house crew! I’ll wait… thanks to Addison & Holly Vogt & Miller Woodall for all your service!!
Newsies is a Hit! Congratulations to Director, Music Director, and Technical Director Spencer Stephens, Choreographer Ericka Shannon, and the FANTASTIC cast and crew!  #themvschool #mvstudios

Director of Maker, Arts & Design

George Greene

Lower Campus Arts Director

Shay Jones