Interested in getting ahead this Summer? Wanting to dive into a subject matter that your school doesn’t offer or are you simply wanting to devote more time to a subject than you can during the school year? Mount Vernon Online is pleased to be offering an asynchronous 9-week module this summer for rising 9-12 graders. Courses begin on June 1 and will run through July 31. More information on the courses and admission process can be found below.

Important Information

Upcoming Dates

Inquire by: May 12
Course Selection Deadline: May 19
Start of Summer: June 1
End of Summer: July 31 (no instruction the week of July 4)

Summer Tuition Cost

$500 = .5 credit
$1000 = 1 credit

Summer Course Offerings


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Credit Towards: Health & Wellness
Description: Health is a single mod course that will guide students through the many dimensions of wellness. This course is designed to enhance the awareness and knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices. Topics related to health such as personal health and wellness, social and emotional health, safety, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol/tobacco/other drugs and sexuality education will be discussed. Additionally, students will critique the validity of health information, health promoting products, and services to prevent and detect health problems. Using critical thinking and analysis skills, students will be able to assess the validity of health information, products, and services used in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of health problems. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s acquiring knowledge and assuming responsibility for one’s own health.
Prerequisite: None
Credits awarded: .5


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Physics 1.1a: Transmission & Cars
Credit Towards: Physics
Description: Have you ever wondered how exactly a car moves? Let’s design and create our own car and use it to learn how to make predictions of its motion using an understanding of forces, energy and work. We can compare our predictions to how your car really works and make an assessment of ways to improve the design of cars in the future.
Prerequisite: Algebra 2

Physics 1.1b: Optics
Credit Towards: Physics
Description: Did you know that our universe is expanding, that we are communicating with a probe sent from Earth over 40 years ago that is 11.7 billion miles away and is on a 40,000 year journey to a star. We will understand the way waves move through space, the importance to the speed of light with understanding our movement through space-time, and how we use wave properties in our everyday life.
Prerequisites: Physics 1.1, Algebra 2
Credits awarded: 1 (by completing both Physics courses)

Note: Students taking Physics will complete both courses in the nine week Summer mod.


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Geom 1.1: Probability & Two-Dimensional Analysis
Credit Toward: Geometry
Description: Students will build on their prior knowledge of probability to reason about combined events and make algebraic and geometric connections through use of area models. Students will problem-solve aspects of geometry concerning one and two dimensional figures, including points, lines, transversals, planes, and angles. Other topics include the angle sum rule, Pythagorean Theorem, congruent figures, dimensions, perimeter, transformations and areas of triangles and quadrilaterals. Students will recognize and prove congruent figures using flowcharts and proofs.
Prerequisite: Algebra I

Geom 1.2: Similarity, Trigonometry, Area & Volume
Credit Towards: Geometry
Description: Students will recognize and prove similar figures using flowcharts and proofs. Students will use right-triangle trigonometric functions to solve problems. Students will classify and list properties of the various polygons. Students will determine areas of two and three dimensional figures, and volumes for three-dimensional figures.
Prerequisite: Geometry 1-1 Probability & Two-Dimensional Analysis
Credits awarded: 1 (by completing both Geometry courses)

Note: Students taking Physics will complete both courses in the nine week Summer mod.

For information on the courses that are offered by The Mount Vernon School Online and The Mount Vernon School, please view our Course Catalog.

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