Our Commitment

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action

IDEA Statement

Anchored in Christian values — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control — relationships at Mount Vernon are foundational to learning. Preparing students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders call us to lean in to inclusion, diversity, equity, and action.

Creating and cultivating connections between all people, ideas, and sectors, the School welcomes all learners to wrestle with voices and perspectives that challenge our assumptions, biases, stereotypes, and privileges. Not allowing our differences to divide us requires each of us to engage in honest, vulnerable, and courageous conversations through empathy, reflection, examination, and action. Being real agents of change is a continuous journey.

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our trust in each other strengthens our sense of identity, autonomy, and interdependence. As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, we are committed to creating and sustaining a school culture where all members feel valued and safe, sharing their authentic selves to design a better world…together.

Adopted 2018-2019

A Message of Belonging

The mural, “Belonging”, created by teacher-artist, Mariana Depetris is an example of students and faculty coming together to spotlight connection. We know from research that when children feel a sense of belonging and safety, they are more ready to learn, grow, and positively impact those around them. This is how we at Mount Vernon approach all interaction and connection.

Stories of IDEA

Holi Celebration Brings Cultural Learning to Lower Campus

Holi Celebration Brings Cultural Learning to Lower Campus

Lower Campus celebrated the beginning of Spring with an interactive Holi learning experience last Thursday. Through several special guest and student-led experiences, the celebrations aimed to build an understanding of the cultural significance of the Hindu festival...

Fostering Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Fostering Cultural Awareness and Understanding

How might we develop community and belonging in Middle School? Community time in Middle School is an opportunity for students to hear their peers’ stories and lean into each other’s knowledge and backgrounds. It’s also a time to reinforce Mount Vernon's mindsets and...

MV Launches Inclusion Network with First Affinity Group Social

MV Launches Inclusion Network with First Affinity Group Social

Contributed by Chief of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action Stacey Lee  Friday, November 5, marked the date of Mount Vernon’s first Inclusion Network Event with the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Affinity Social at Morgan Falls Overlook Park....

IDEA Action Report 2022-2023

Seizing the moment to effect change, the School embarked on a journey during the 2020-2021 school year focused on building strategy, developing programs, and most importantly, cultivating relationships.

Focused on Strategy

Your Subtitle Goes Here

How will we build the institutional infrastructure to cultivate a community of endurance to sustain the long journey of anti-racism? How might we fully live out our mission of inquiry, innovation, and impact in order to design a more inclusive future? How might we set forth tangible action steps to hold the School accountable to our aspirations, goals, and objectives for IDEA?

Focused on Programs

Your Subtitle Goes Here

How will we develop programmatic initiatives, strengthening our capacity to think more broadly and process information more deeply? How might we create and cultivate connections between diverse people, backgrounds, identities, ideas, and sectors? How will we equip ourselves with the ability to dialogue across differences, welcoming the chance to wrestle with voices and perspectives that challenge our assumptions?

Focused on Relationships

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How might we gain new insights for a more complete, inclusive picture by listening and learning from People of Color within our community? How will we foster belonging of the most underrepresented groups at the School? How might we build trust to unearth and eradicate words and actions of racism and prejudice? How might we respect, affirm, and celebrate the dignity and worth of each member of our community despite identity and background.

Look Back to Look Forward

In 2018, the Mount Vernon School began to have courageous conversations around the most challenging issues of our day, including diversity, equity, and inclusion. The following IDEA Expressions of Learning are not meant to be an exhaustive or even a performative list of activities, experiences, and projects but intentional demonstrations designed to make continual improvements in amplifying inclusion, diversity, equity, and action at Mount Vernon.

Meet the Team

Chief of IDEA

Stacey Lee


Terrika Mays
Preschool Coordinator

Constanza Pizano
Lower School Coordinator

Elisse Hayes
Lower Campus Director of Community and Culture

Kourtnay Abernathy
Middle School Coordinator

Sharon Burnette and Chris Byrum
Upper School Co-Coordinators

Dr. Chaundra Suddith
Upper School Director