Our Strategic Plan

The Impact Ready Project

A Journey of Purpose

Mount Vernon launched an eighteen month, comprehensive visionary process for the journey ahead. Giving voice to questions, wonders, and curiosities, the School engaged our community and external experts through a thorough process of addressing two key areas:

  • Looking back to look forward
  • Learning from the future as it emerges

We reflect on the immediate past to play a role in informing our preferred future for the next decade. The Impact Ready Project’s bold, compelling vision strengthens the conditions to scale the School’s brand identity and reputation as a leading, innovative independent school in Atlanta and throughout the country.

Where are we going?

With an ambitious and bold vision in front of us, The Impact Ready Project places the learner at the center of the journey. Fostering agency to act on what is meaningful to self and consequential to others, the journey ahead focuses on 4 KEY TARGETS.

  1. Literacies, Skills, & Attributes
  2. Relationships & Networks
  3. Research & Innovation
  4. Culture & Connection

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    Literacies, Skills, & Attributes

    Discover where knowledge searches for maximum impact

    At Mount Vernon, knowledge is not just about knowing that, knowing how, or even knowing why. For us, knowledge extends beyond these foundations. Knowledge is doing. Knowledge searches for maximum impact.

    When “learners are placed in the front seat of their learning journey and supported to become drivers of it” (Education Reimagined), positive identity is nurtured, purpose emerges, and impact is realized.

    Relationships & Networks

    Traverse all dimensions of community

    Engaging the world with curiosity, learners cultivate and create intermingling rivers of connection between people, ideas, and sectors. It is through these connections that learners wrestle with voices and perspectives that challenge their assumptions.

    Being more proximate, learners become story-informed, experience-informed which bridges the distance between me and we.

    Fostering deep relationships inside the School and extending them beyond its boundaries (in-person, virtual, or blended) are truly foundational to learning, service, and engaged citizen leadership.

    Research & Innovation

    Leverage emerging innovation in education

    As producers of research, strategy, and design, we are committed to leveraging emerging innovation — modifying certain systems and methodologies, adopting new approaches, and thinking differently as if our industry no longer existed.

    We value being research-informed with data-driven evidence in successful instructional practice and emerging innovative models. We value people-centered design principles that guide teaching and learning. Central to this, robust partnerships within a diverse network are imperative.

    Culture & Connection

    Cultivating an inclusive, regenerative school culture

    While appreciating the progress of the past, we choose to meet current and future dynamic circumstances head on, accept them, and even incorporate them as a part of our journey. A readiness disposition will continue to strengthen our identity and resolve as we transform into a better version of ourselves. Facing the future with courage, embracing the journey requires the School to stand firm by creating the ripples on the water needed to scale innovative, transformative experiences.

    Ultimately, relationships and trust are foundational to our community. We grow, fail, and progress together.

    Mount Vernon Mantras

    Our Mantras reflect the conditioning and fuel required for sustained growth, performance, and accountability over time. They are the behaviors that thrive in this culture. Remaining committed to utilizing and following our Mantra Map will allow us to achieve our bold vision and design an incredible future together.