Support Services

Well-Being & Belonging


Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our trust in each other strengthens our sense of identity, autonomy, and interdependence.

Chief of IDEA

Stacey Lee

Spiritual Life

Grounded in Christian values, we inspire one another to design a better world, searching for maximum impact.

Director of Spiritual Life

Tarrik Mabon

Social-Emotional Care

Counselors provide support to strengthen social and emotional development, deepen connections with others, and increase self-acceptance.

Director of Counseling Services

Kelli Bynum, Ph. D

Academic Support

Learning specialists offer academic support to include observation, collaboration, and recommendations for strategies and accommodations.

Director of Academic Resources

Samantha Flowers

A Comprehensive Collection
of Support Services

Cultivating healthy rhythms of life and relationships, Mount Vernon provides a comprehensive collection of support services to students. Developing confidence through awareness, connection, insight, and purpose, every student is wholly supported and positioned for success.


Students gather daily in small groups to celebrate and support each other, while navigating life in school.


Groups of students with a shared identity have a safe space to come together to support, celebrate, and affirm one another.

Year-round strength conditioning is provided to student-athletes in a fully-equipped, technologically-advanced training center.

On-staff Athletic Trainers support student-athletes through safety training, physical therapy, and injury recovery.


Grounded in Christian values, weekly chapel serves as a large group context for learners to consider their personal character and spiritual growth.

College Counseling

Finding the best individual college fit per student is the goal for our four college counselors through a customized, comprehensive, and collaborative process.

Upper School students benefit from having a single point of contact to assist in navigating the requirements and relationships in school.

Dedicated nurses in three private clinics provide health services, including first aid and emergency care to all students, faculty, and staff.

Chief Admissions Officer

Kirsten Beard

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