Curiosity & Passion Drive Learning

We believe in a student-centered approach to school in which children learn through the experience of solving a real-world, open-ended problem.

  • Project Based Learning

    We believe in a student-centered approach to school in which children learn through the experience of solving a real-world, open-ended problem.

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  • Curiosity Hour

    One way our students expand their learning is through curiosity hour. Tapping into individual interests, students are empowered to spend self-guided time exploring connections in visual and performing arts, maker, design & engineering, P.E., and the outdoors.

  • Visible Thinking

    Valuing each child’s ability to reflect on their knowledge, we practice Visible Thinking. Developed by Harvard University, this approach allows students to make the abstract task of “thinking” concrete.

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  • Playmaker/
    Extended Play

    We believe learning, engagement, and fun don’t stop at 3:00 p.m. Whether your child is enrolled in Extended Play or PlayMaker Classes, they will have an enriching and engaging experience.

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Relationships are Foundational for Learning


Receiving support and guidance from their teachers, students actively participate in their own learning through a collaborative conversation with their parents during conferences.

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Learning Coaches

We emphasize personalized learning, and our coaches play an important role in the growth of all students. Working across grade levels, they develop new curriculum and offer rigorous learning opportunities.

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Experts in Residence

We also believe our parents are uniquely positioned to provide authentic feedback to students. The Experts in Residence Program is an interactive opportunity for our families to share real-life experiences in our classrooms.  

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Learners Apply Knowledge to Make an Impact

Children have big ideas, Mount Vernon empowers them to make a difference in their world now.

Invention Convention

Imagine an improved life with tools like a “Dog Quieter”, a “Body Blankie” or a “Sticker Vader”. Each year Mount Vernon’s second graders go beyond imagining to bring these tools to life through the Invention Convention.

Game Changers Showcase

Through discovering the challenges and successes of many accomplished individuals from history, students learn the significance of the world’s game changers who overcame obstacles and stood strong while failing up.

Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces

Through research and practice, we have discovered learning is maximized when students work in a variety of environments and spaces.

  • Studio(i)

    Designed to be a creative and collaborative space, Studio(i) is home to our Maker, Design & Engineering program. Students fabricate designs with wood tools, they have access to 3D printers, computers, and high-resolution prototyping tools which allow them to explore all aspects of a maker community.


  • Frontier

    Connecting students to the natural world, our innovative outdoor playspace – Frontier – is a space for children to explore. Outside they discover instruments, working water pumps, two amphitheaters, a tree fort,  sandpits, tunnels, pathways, and slides built into hills.

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Empathy Influences Learning

Design Thinking

Believing designers change the world, we teach children to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Beyond Lower School, Middle and Upper School students build upon these approaches to learning but on a deeper level.


Servant Leadership

Striving to foster a spirit of service in our students, our grade levels partner with organizations throughout the community to help each child see how he or she can make a difference. Additionally we spend an entire day serving our community in honor of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 through Helping Hands Day.


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