Curiosity Creates The Ultimate Environment For
Exploration, Discovery, And Limitless Possibility.

Project-Based Learning

We believe in a student-centered approach to school in which students learn through the experience of solving a real-world, open-ended problem.

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When students explore their questions, passions, and interests they make connections that expand their learning and personal development.

  • Student Life

    The Middle School offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand their learning outside the classroom through Junior Prefects, pep rallies, social events, and trips.

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  • Arts and Design

    All students progress through a three-year experience in visual arts, performing arts, and maker, design, and engineering so that they advance from Middle School with not only an introduction to many aspects of arts and design, but also a taste of the many opportunities they might have in Upper School.

  • Athletics

    With nearly 90% of Middle School students participating in at least one of the School’s over 50 interscholastic teams, the athletic program allows students many opportunities to explore an interest they want to pursue.

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Relationships Are Foundational For Learning.

Community Groups

Community groups are designed for multiple purposes to engage students in character education, enrichment opportunities, and the curation of learning through e-portfolios.

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The partnership between parents and teachers is a vital one in the life of a student, and one that we seek to foster more intentionally in the Middle School. Student progress is monitored and reported on a regular basis. Students and parents receive informal feedback through conferencing, graded assignments, written feedback, and ePortfolios.

Receiving support and guidance from Community leaders, students actively participate in their own learning through a collaborative conversation with their parents during student-led conferences.

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Academic Resource

The Academic Resource Center provides students the tools and opportunities they need for academic success. Our learning coaches work with students, teachers, and parents developing instructional strategies to personalize learning.

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Learners Apply Knowledge
To Make An Impact.

Learning Demands
Interactive And Flexible Spaces.

While each of our classrooms is outfitted with a variety of seating options and movable furniture to suit the needs our learners, we have also discovered learning is also maximized when students work in a variety of environments and spaces.


Designed to be a creative and collaborative space, the HIVE houses our Maker, Design, & Engineering programs allowing students access to 3D printers, computers, and high-resolution prototyping tools which allow them to explore all aspects of a maker community.


Work That Matters Is Work That Potentially
Makes A Difference In The World. Today.

Design Thinking

Believing designers change the world, we teach children to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Beyond Lower School, Middle and Upper School students build upon these approaches to learning but on a deeper level.


Servant Leadership

Striving to foster a spirit of service in our students, our grade levels partner with organizations throughout the community to help each child see how he or she can make a difference. 

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