Girls on the Run Takes Off

Apr 16, 2014 | Lower School News, Media Galleries, Uncategorized

A dynamic group of Mount Vernon moms has brought a popular program to the School this year–a program inspiring young girls to define and challenge themselves through fitness. It’s official…Girls on the Run has taken off!
Recognizing the middle school years are around the corner, Mount Vernon’s chapter of GOTR–Girls on the Run– was started for girls in 3rd and 4th grade.
GOTR teaches girls the skills they need to nurture healthy friendships while focusing on exercise, nutrition, and fun. Bottom line: The girls spend three hours a week talking, playing and training!
Recently Mount Vernon’s Girls on the Run completed a β€œMock 5K” on campus in preparation for a race scheduled for Saturday, April 26. GOTR chapters from throughout the city of Atlanta will run at Georgia Tech in support of the organization’s mission. Overwhelmingly supported by moms, dads, and Lower School teachers and administrators, the mock 5K was a big confidence-booster for the girls.
Reflecting on their experience so far, many of the participants, both daughters and mothers share their thoughts about Girls on the Run:
“I felt like I had achieved something, like I had won one million dollars. – Regan Kelly
“I felt great about running at my own pace and I was proud of my friends for running at theirs. We all finished at different times and it didn’t matter” – Ansley Fenech
“I like that we learn something every week about better ways to do everything” – Julia Strickland
“I liked it because it taught me to be more positive about myself and how to deal with things when people are mean…after I ran the 5k I felt like I could do anything!” Elizabeth Gilmer
“I learned how to slow down and pace and have fun!”- Hannah Green
“It is fun, exciting, and easy.”- Kate Koontz
“I enjoy every week teaching life lessons that I hope they will keep for the rest of their lives -ignore the negative, you are in control of your own self, pick your own pace, know your values- and to incorporate running to bring those lessons to life is incredibly rewarding. Seeing the feeling of accomplishment on each of their faces when they crossed the finish at the mock 5k was amazing.- Alex Fenech (coach)
“It was awesome to see the sense of pride and accomplishment the girls experienced after they completed the mock 5K.” – Holly Green (coach)
“I love this program! It empowers the girls to move past their comfort zones and experience how practice and hard work can help them achieve their goals.”-Fourth grade teacher Amy McCarthy who also ran with the girls at the practice 5k.
“The word I think of most often with GOTR is amazed. I’m amazed that the program provides so many tools for the girls to foster healthy friendships, healthy mindsets, and healthy bodies in such a short period of time. I’m amazed it is so impactful. I am truly amazed (and proud!) that each of the girls have ALREADY completed a 5K and I think many of them exceeded their expectations for themselves!” – Rebecca Strickland (coach)
Girls on the Run participants this year include:
Ella Ruth Campbell
Sydney Carroll
Kate Christian
Ansley Fenech
Glenn Elizabeth Gilmer
Hannah Green
Lauren Hayes
Madison Hayes
Allison Jones
Regan Kelly
Kate Koontz
Lauren Roush
Kendall Slayden
Julia Strickland
River Thigpen
Angelina Tuggle
Alex Fenech
Rebecca Strickland
Holly Green
Kelly Kelly
Brigid Drozda
Thank you to the faculty and staff who came out for the Mock 5k to support our students:
Carmen Stanley
Heath Dupree
Shannon Whiting
Melissa Rothbard
Alix Rhett
Amy McCarthy
Kirsten Beard
Nicole Martin
Amanda Stavropoulos
Sarah Stephenson
Kelly Fitzgerald
Shelley Clifford
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