Grade 2 Students Design to Fit

Apr 13, 2016 | Lower School News, Maker, Media Galleries

IMG_5513When Dr. Jacobsen reimagined his workspace on the Glenn Campus, he enlisted the help of Mrs. Bradford’s second grade class through Jim Tiffin, Director of Media and Maker Programs.
With intention, our Head of School rearranged his office, creating a more casual, comfortable environment — moving away from the typical executive desk with two guest chairs. Able to accommodate more guests in a setting similar to one’s family room or den, he can now welcome more individuals, informally.
As a result of the transformation, however, he found he needed something to hold and display his books – without taking up valuable floorspace. He thought maybe one of Mr. Tiffin’s Maker connection classes might be able to help. In a win/win situation, the students would have an opportunity to work through a Design Thinking exercise and Dr. Jacobsen would have a new system to house his collection.
During Maker connection time, Mr. Tiffin brought Mrs. Bradford’s students over on a field trip to the Glenn Campus to visit the space, interview Dr. Jacobsen to determine his needs and goals, measure, ask questions and make a plan.
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Back in studio(i), guided by Mr. Tiffin, the students planned, guessed, estimated, designed, iterated, scrapped, reworked and refined a shelving system.
Through physical and digital research, they determined the best option to meet Dr. Jacobsen’s needs. Upon completion of the project, they returned to Glenn Campus for the personal install.
IMG_5451 IMG_5481 IMG_5496
Dr. Jacobsen reflects, “The best part of this experience was hearing the students’ thoughtful questions and watching them work through the process together. I am grateful for their gift.”