Grade 5 Students Level-Up Rally Week Scavenger Hunt by Incorporating MV Mindsets and Embracing Detective Instincts

May 3, 2021 | Come to Play, Design Thinking, IMAMUSTANG, Inquiry, Lower School News, Share the Well

Leading up to and during Rally Spirit Week, students across all divisions participated in a daily scavenger hunt, giving them clues to a big, Mustang spirit surprise that was revealed Thursday of Rally Week during Family Feud Game Night.

While Mustangs in all grades had fun racing to be the first to find the clue each day, one class in particular went above and beyond, thinking deeply and being solution seekers, trying to correctly guess what the big surprise was before anyone else.

Mrs. Edwards’ Grade 5 class took the scavenger hunt to the next level while demonstrating first-hand how our students learn on a daily basis. Each day, the students would race to the location where they thought the day’s clue would be hidden. Then, they built out an evidence board in their classroom, documenting each day’s clue, location, and their ideas on what the surprise may be.

First-year Mustang Oliver Spalding was one of the students most excited in Mrs. Edwards’ class. He shared, “Some of us were really into finding the clue. It was really fun because we were thinking outside of the box, using our brains in different ways.”

Oliver went on to add, “I think we were using the MV mindsets while solving the clues. At first, we even thought that each clue was incorporated with one of the Norms.”

Head of Grade 5 Emily Edwards was more than thrilled at her students determination to solve the mystery of the big reveal. Not only did she encourage her students to think through their ideas in their classroom, but a few times these Mustangs even shared their ideas with the Community Development Team, requesting feedback and wondering if they were getting close.

By Thursday, the day of the big reveal, the students had narrowed their guess down to center around a Mustang – a horse on campus? A new Mustang statue or piece of artwork on campus? A new mascot! Not only did this Grade 5 class solve the puzzle, but the entire grade also won the Lower School Rally Spirit Week competition, earning the 1000 bonus points on Color Wars day!

Job well done, Grade 5, and thank you to everyone who made Rally Spirit Week a huge success. Another highlight? The parade!! Relive it below.