Historical Game Changers Come to Life Through Third Graders

Mar 1, 2017 | Have Fun, Highlights, Impact, Innovation, Lower School News, Maverick

Lined up chronologically, by birth year, from Benjamin Franklin to Malala — historical game changing characters were brought to life by students in grade 3 in the Founders Campus Fellowship Hall.
Upon reading the biographies of several famous individuals throughout history, third graders each selected a single historical game changer and dove deep into the personal accounts of their struggles and accomplishments. Throughout the learning experience, students discussed pitfalls, challenges, different ways of life, overcoming obstacles and standing strong while failing up.
Students used multiple resources to conduct research, collected and organized notes, created checklists, offered and received feedback to/from peers, and practiced oral speaking skills, all to form an effective speech, portraying their respective game changing individual.
They showcased their learning by empathizing with regular people through the ages, who became inventors, politicians, sports stars, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, authors and more.
Ethan Wood, representing both Wright Brothers, reflects, “Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the plane to take us a farther distance in a shorter amount of time. Game changers are important because if they didn’t do what they did, then our world would be so different. I chose the Wright Brothers because I have an interest in planes. I learned a lot more about flight after I read how those two men created the first plane.”
See the complete list of game changers below the photos. 
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Third Grade Game Changers
Miss Sikes’ Class
Kendall Blair, Jackie Robinson
Reilly Dickie, Steve Jobs
Michael Fennelly, Thomas Jefferson
Simon Ikenberg, Henry Ford
Claire Jacobsen, Benjamin Franklin
Noah Najarian, Abraham Lincoln
Brooke Nazarian, Rosa Parks
Coleson Quesinberry/Sam Brooks, Orville and Wilbur Wright
Jenna Rego, George Washington
Trey Rutecky, John F. Kennedy
McKinley Tann, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Taylor Towns, Amelia Earhart
Olivia Tyber, Neil Armstrong
Elena Utz, Mother Theresa
Mrs. Lovejoy’s Class
Carter Alewine, Ben Franklin
Harper Batcheller, Amelia Earhart
Hugh Dalba, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Hollyn Daum, Albert Einstein
Hudson Forrest, Mark Zuckerberg
Hunter Reese Giardino, Anne Frank
Mac McClellan, Steve Jobs
Lauren Reece, Rosa Parks
Allie Grace Sperling, Rosa Parks
Harper Tillman, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Marley Townsend, Malala
Ben Uhde, Wright Brothers
Jacob White, Ben Franklin
Mr. Andres’ Class
Kirsten Abbott, Harriet Tubman
Ashlyn Beard, Steve Jobs
Julia Bracken, Jim Henson
Charlotte Cloud, Ghandi
Tori Cole, Karl Benz
Jackson Cox, Abraham Lincoln
Dylan Dwyer, Mark Zuckerberg
Asher Fenech, Nelson Mandela
Will Flowers, Jackie Robinson
Dustin Kytle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Henry Maxwell, Jessie Owens
Mollie Martin, Jonas Salk
Olivia McDougall, Dr. Virginia Apgar
Jessie Webb, Rosa Parks
Ethan Wood, The Wright Brothers