iFest: From Passion to Product

Apr 13, 2016 | All School, Impact, Innovation, Inquiry, Maverick, Media Galleries, Upper School News

IMG_5430Over 150 student-initiated projects were showcased at Mount Vernon’s 3rd annual iFestival. Throughout this year, Upper School students have worked on passion-projects intended to solve a specific social issue, fill a technological need or simply to showcase a skill and/or talent.
Whether presenting a completed project or their progress in a multi-year project, students demonstrated their skills as problem solvers, creative thinkers, and collaborators by sharing their prototypes, manuscripts, albums, art, designs, and more as their fellow students, faculty and external experts gave them valuable feedback.
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Student Spotlight: Innovating to Impact
Juniors Emme Watkins and Brittany Whitstine shared the latest iteration of their HearingWheel. Having completed much of the conceptual work and some of the early engineering last year, they created an interactive simulation for iFestival participants to understand the needs of the hearing impaired community and how their device would help them. Participants were directed to sit in a car and activate a siren while wearing noise-cancelling headphones. This would activate the illuminating steering wheel cover, signaling to the driver that an emergency vehicle was behind them. Watkins and Whitstine plan to continue to develop this product in the coming years.
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iFest Projects:
Adplicon: The Internet Startup
Africa: One of A Kind
Animal Abuse Prevention
ATL Pet Homelessness
B-F-F (Beats For Free)
Bear Hugs
Becoming a Pro
Boone n’ Crockett
Bronx Bear Demo
Campus Unity
Cause for the Paws
Changing the game
Children Foundation Project
Children’s Book Writing
Clash of Clans YouTube Channel
Cleaning up Kenya
Coding a Text Adventure
Common Sense
Computer Mechanisms and Programs
Coral Restoration
Digital Painting
Disconnecting the Implants: Hearing with Solar Power
Dress Code vs. Uniform
Drones & RC
E-nabling the Future
Eagle Scout Exploration
Eagle Scout Exploration
Erin and Julia’s Lettering and Photography
Experience of my first year in the US
Explore Atlanta
Exploring the Author’s Writing Process
F.O.G. Dreams
Falcon Food
Family Food Creations
Feathers of the Chicken
Finding Hope
Finding Yoga
Five Guys Gaming
Guidance Counsling
Hair Nets Required
Handmade Candles
Handmade Candles
Happiness in a Bag
Help Tutor Kids!
Horner and Nash DVM
Horses For Hope
iHave a Dream
Kure 4 Kidz
Learning new Instruments
Learning to Suture
Legacy Trackers
Making a Doctor
Maverick’s Filmmaking
Milk movement: healthy alternatives
Mount Vernon eSports
Mount Vernon School App
Mount Vernon Spirit Wear
Mustang Mentors
MV Robotics Team 2015-2016
MV Uniform Remake
MVPC Clothes store
MVPS ASL Program
MVPS Asl Project
“Northbound” Social Media and Transmedia Assistant
Orsippus Apparel Research
Pediatric Physical Therapy
Peer Leadership Program
Photojournalism Blog
Picture This!
Project Smile
Rally Redo
Real Hooked Fishing
Redesign of the Zone at CHOA
Restart For Refugees
Rock Climbing and Bouldering Club
Rookie Numbers
Rube Goldberg Machine
School Sports & Spirit
Senior Gifts
Senior Lounge
Southeast Fishing Trade
Standing Room Only (SRO)
Story Time
Student to Student
Studio 180
The “MAN”
The 2015 Experience
The Cookbook
The Hearing Wheel
The Mount Vernon Debate (i)Tournament
The Other Side of the Desk
The Switch
The Tree Shelter
Ti1 Suspension System
Two Fashion Fanatics
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Virtual Reality Project
Water Car
What’s So Bad About Being Good?
When I Grow Up . . .
Wholesome Tastes
Young Life Promotion
YOUniversity Planner