What is Innovation Diploma?

Innovation Diploma (iDiploma or iD) is a student-led, transformation design studio that inspires, creates, and implements high-impact work. iDiploma is a 3 to 4-year program that culminates with students creating long term professional relationships, facilitating positive change in partnered organizations and communities, and having an active role in changing the world around them.

Students engage with leaders in various industries, to create value through intensive ventures, and to build capacity as young innovators. Rather than merely preparing students for the future, iDiploma empowers young leaders to inspire, innovate, and implement high-impact work now.

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Innovation Diploma empowers
students to be innovators now.

We believe that the core of innovation is a synergy between curiosity and action. An innovator engages, attacks, experiments with, and ultimately solves problems in new ways. We must stop underestimating high school students; in fact, our young change-makers are our best asset.

Students are Doing Real-World Work, Today

Innovation Diploma connects students with Fortune 100 Companies and Non-Profits to create market-ready prototypes.

Dell/Alienware Flagship VR Lab

The Fortune 500 company has chosen Mount Vernon to host their one and only flagship virtual reality lab in the country. The lab, conceived of and now managed by students, is being used to influence learning through empathy. Market Ready prototypes and public exhibits have already been developed for healthcare companies like CHOA and social justice organizations like The Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Design Briefs: Students Working Directly With Business Leaders

Collaborative work with corporations, non-profits, and local partners allows students to learn beyond the school’s walls. Exercising solution-seeking muscles in design thinking and human-centered problem, students are solving as they design and implement solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients.

Redesigning Chick-fil-A's Design Thinking Manual

The Hatch, Chick-fil-A’s Innovation Center, tasked a team of Innovation Diploma students to create design thinking tools that could be used throughout their entire organization. Over two months, iD conducted interviews with innovation coaches, researched change management, and prototyped various solutions commenating to a student-designed book now used to help facilitate the design thinking process with employees.

“This is better than a lot of the $100K market research projects I’ve seen come in.”
-Executive at At&t

Students as Designers and Consultants

At Mount Vernon, a design brief starts with a creative conversation and ends with an impactful relationship. Through this process, Innovation Diploma exercises our expertise in design thinking and problem solving to identify opportunities to create better solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. So if you’re willing, share your dream with us, give us a deadline, and we’ll help you take it the rest of the way.

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Design a Better World... Today.

Innovation Diploma is an opportunity open to Mount Vernon students entering grade 9 or 10. This program is a multiyear journey that unfolds as a three or four year experience inviting students to be change makers now. Students who thrive in this program are insatiably curious, profoundly optimistic, deeply empathic and biased toward action.

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