Look For Us in the Glenn Campus Carpool!

Sep 23, 2014 | All School

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We are Justine and Bruce Peddle, the Georgia Tax Credit Co-Chairs, and we’ll be at carpool on the Glenn Campus the week of September 29.
The time to reserve your 2015 tax credit is NOW! We are just $50,000 away from our goal –  help us cross the finish line!
Latest estimates from Apogee indicate that the statewide program cap of $58 million may be met as early as January 2, 2015. For this reason, Apogee is asking that everyone pre-register by December 15, 2014. They will need this grace period of time to ensure that all applications are ready for data entry.
Click here to reserve your tax credit now.

This important program is transforming student’s lives by providing increased financial aid funds so that more students might receive a Mount Vernon education.