MVIFI Launches XLR8 Research & Design Grants

May 28, 2015 | All School, Innovation, Uncategorized

xlr8Demonstrating the School’s commitment to develop and deliver the best 21st century learning experience, many MVPS faculty members will accelerate a number of research and design programs this summer. Funded by the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s new XLR8 Grant Program, teachers will work in teams to further develop and accelerate many of the School’s innovative learning initiatives.
Specifically, faculty members in the Upper School will research ways in which to enhance the learning and assessment model for Innovation Diploma and the iProject. Teachers will also collaborate on ways to expand interdisciplinary units of study as well as ways to enhance the student advisory program.
Expanding on the current initiatives in the Middle School, teachers will focus their research and design efforts on a variety of progress monitoring systems which include eportfolios, badging, student-led conferences, and assessments.
This summer groups of Lower School and Preschool teachers will also target progress monitoring systems; they will also explore interdisciplinary units, and ways to further infuse the Mount Vernon Mindsets.
The Mount Vernon Institute of Innovation is an extension of the School and serves as a research and design hub to transform learning. Much of MVIFI’s funding is raised annually through the School’s fall Benefit and through events like fuse15.
To learn more about the many ways Mount Vernon faculty members advance their own learning opportunities and experiences, check out #MVLearns.