At Mount Vernon, we believe the more engaged and connected our families are, the stronger our community. As an ongoing community campaign, we ask our families to Learn, Serve, and Give to reinvest in the School, thereby enriching each child’s experience. As we navigate the 2021-2022 school year, the School remains committed to developing a community of impact.

Mount Vernon parents are uniquely positioned to provide authentic real-world input and feedback to our students by volunteering and serving in non-traditional ways. Share with us how you might be an MVXpert.

In order to equip this generation of students with the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond, we believe it is our responsibility to set the conditions for learners to interact with business and civic leaders, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs, service providers, and various professionals in a wide variety of industries to exchange ideas, co-create, and receive feedback on work initiatives.

We ask you – our parents, our connections – to share your expertise with Mount Vernon in any of a variety of ways:

  • Participate in a Design Brief: Does your organization have a challenge that needs a solution? This could be a weeks- or months-long collaboration with a group of students.
  • Provide an Internship opportunity: This could be an intermittent relationship with a student during the school year, interim week, or summer.
  • Serve on a panel to offer feedback and evaluate work that students are doing.
  • Consult students of any age within your area of expertise, as they go through discovery.
  • Expeditionary Learning: Escort a group of students through your place of business as they conduct fieldwork

MVXpert Stories:

Design Brief: Taking Flight – Students Inspire Fortune 500 Company

Internship: Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Consult: Grade 2 Celebrates the Best Parts of Me and Learns About Healthy Lifestyles

Consult: Attorney Colin Kelly Shares Debate Strategy with Grade 4

Offer Feedback: Frontier Solutions Sought Through Design Thinking

Expeditionary Learning: Preschoolers Meet in the Board Room

Contact Hunter Pierce [email protected] with any questions, suggestions and/or ideas.