New Video Shares MVIFI Mission

May 10, 2016 | Highlights, Impact, Innovation, Inquiry, Maverick, Uncategorized, Upper School News

MVIFI: Shares-Hosts-Designs-Consults
We invite our school community to learn more about MVIFI through a new video just released last week! MVIFI VIDEO

The Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation is a team of maverick leaders and educational designers who are helping schools and other organizations transform through people-centered design. MVIFI, which grew from the thought and action leadership at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School maintains a symbiotic relationship as accelerator and amplifier of the School’s work. MVIFI provides leadership in transformational learning and school redesign by sharing thought leadership, hosting dynamic learning events, designing innovative educational programs, and consulting with schools and organizations working for their own transformation and innovation.
One of MVIFI’s core experiences is fuse, a design thinking conference held in the summer. fuse16 scheduled for June 15-17 will immerse participants in complex, people-centered problem solving by using design thinking in service of Atlanta nonprofits. Participants will discover, empathize, experiment, and produce solutions for local users. MVIFI believes deeply that transforming education requires a blurring of the lines between school and real-life. Fuse16 is an expression of that mission made visible. To register or to learn more about fuse16, visit