Ping Pong Club Bounces into the Upper School

Jan 9, 2014 | Uncategorized, Upper School News

Written by: Michael McConnell, Communications Committee member

Pictures by: Bob Luo

In the fall of 2013, the Ping Pong Club was started by Bob Luo, and Oledji Awe, both seniors here at our School. This is the very first year that Ping Pong has been an official School club. Head member of the Ping Pong Club, Bob Luo, states, “I am helping to integrate different factions of the school community by establishing the club. I am really happy that at Mount Vernon the students who love Ping Pong can have a place to compete and hang out with each other.”

At the club, many students participate in the fast paced game of ping pong. They can watch each other play while they enjoy their food during lunch. While hearing this at the club fair, students were very excited to join the club and participate in the activities. Over forty kids signed up for the club, and about twenty five students attend on a regular basis. Luo states that the best player is Jack Xiao, an exchange student who has been playing ping pong all of his life. Other members include Oladeji Awe, Ian Cox, and Ryan Fairbanks. Mr. Farry and Mr. Sommers helped organize the club and serve as the faculty sponsors.

 Overall, the Ping Pong Club is a very fun activity of leisure where Mount Vernon students can participate in the game on a regular basis. This club lets Mount Vernon students who are interested in Ping Pong have a chance to improve their skills, as they compete with one another. Every Monday and Tuesday during lunch, a crowd of students can be found yelling, laughing, and enjoying Ping Pong in the downstairs lobby. “No matter how old the students are, every grade has representatives who show off their  skills while having fun with the other Ping Pong fans,” Luo states.