Preschool Fun Night: A Magical Time

Nov 22, 2013 | Preschool News, Uncategorized

Preschoolers and their families were handed a magic wand, top hat and bow tie as they entered the doors to the annual Preschool Fun Night. Once inside, the little ones scattered to stake their claim in line at either the tattoo table, photo booth, craft zone or pizza buffet.
Once the children made the rounds to each activity, and after the crowd received a hearty welcome from Head of Preschool Kelly Kelly, Dan the Wizard magically appeared. With balloon rabbits, interlocking rings, a floating golden ball, disappearing bananas and many other tricks up his sleeve, he wowed the crowd.
Four year-old Piper Neumann shouted out, “Dad! How did he do that? Those didn’t go into the box looking like that!”
Dan the Wizard was able to captivate an audience of approximately 30 wide-eyed preschoolers for over 40 minutes, which truly was the magic of the night.