Preschoolers Celebrate Mom at their Marvelous Moms Breakfast

May 13, 2014 | Media Galleries, Preschool News

Mother’s Day would not be complete without cards, drawings and ceramics all painstakingly and deliberately crafted by tiny little hands.
On the Friday morning before Mother’s Day weekend, the Preschool hosted a breakfast for the MVLittles’ Marvelous Moms. Students in the Threes, PreK and Young Fives practically burst with pride as they handed gifts and cards that they made with love, to their Moms. Cards saying, “I love my Mom…because she plays with me,” or “…because she loves me around the world and back,” were shared aloud with beaming mothers.
In each room, Moms were celebrated with breakfast treats, juice, and flowers. Tiny ladies and gentlemen enthusiastically pulled their Moms around their learning spaces, showing off their creativity centers, sensory tables, reading nooks and all of the exciting things they’ve been working on. Little voices were only surpassed by big hugs.
Sending their favorite women off with treasures to keep forever, our littlest learners were able to grasp one of the greatest lessons of all-time: it is better to give than to receive. The smiles on their faces proved it.
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