Our Vision

To Design a Better World

A School for the Future

We live in a world of exponential change. Leaning into the future, how might we multiply our influence, increase our value, drive design and innovation, inspire one another, expand our reach, and deepen our impact? Mount Vernon has set the conditions for progress through MVX – a strategic response to the disruptive shifts in the skill sets needed for the workforce of the future, a competitive college admissions environment, technological transformations, and global interconnectivity.

The Continuum

The Mount Vernon Continuum serves as the School’s strategic blueprint.
The Continuum highlights the keys to Mount Vernon’s success

Design Drivers

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact,
we see three key essential questions — design drivers — guiding our future work.

How might we make school more reflective of real life?
How might we empower all learners to be seekers and explorers?
How might we inspire one another — and the larger world — through the work we undertake together?

Strategic Plan

MVX is Mount Vernon’s next strategic response to the disruptive shifts in the skillsets needed for the workforce of the future, a competitive college  admissions environment, technological transformations, and global interconnectivity.

Strategic Center

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact our strategic center reflects three core priorities:


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In a complex world of exponential change, the most important thing is to be a learner. Anyone and everyone at or associated with MV is a learner. To continually develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to actively design a better world, one must learn to thrive in any context. This requires engaging with a diverse network and participating on a variety of project teams — giving/receiving feedback, reflecting on one’s learning, and revealing next steps along the journey.

Diverse Network

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A diverse network creates and cultivates connections between people, ideas, and sectors. Developing meaningful relationships catalyzes local and global partnerships within the education community, corporate sector, non-profit community, and civic environment. These experiences are not limited to time or place. Wandering beyond the walls of the School (in-person, virtual, or blended) mobilizes a more relevant, contextualized opportunity to collaborate and contribute with peers and experts. Ultimately, as an active participant in the ownership of learning, it allows the learner to follow sparks of motivation, interest, and curiosity.

Research, Design, and Iteration

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A learning organization is a dynamic environment, actively seeking ways to grow and better itself and the world. In order to meet the needs of this generation, we must remain agile to new ideas. As producers of research and design, we are committed to tweaking certain systems and methodologies, adopting new approaches, and/or thinking differently as if our industry no longer existed. MV values being research-informed in successful instructional practice and emerging innovative models. We value people-centered design principles that guide teaching and learning. Central to achieving this, robust partnerships within a diverse network are imperative. We grow, fail, and progress together.


The MVX Framework ensures that we take action on our mission and vision with a systems approach, recognizing the connections among eight areas of focus.

The Mount Vernon Mind

Our community lives out the School’s mission through the development and implementation of the Mount Vernon Mind, a set of relevant and research-based mindsets that position students for college, career and citizenship.

What Matters Here

While we have an ambitious, bold vision to be the best in the world at developing and delivering a 21st century learning experience, ultimately, “What matters here?”