Sage Dining Offers Online Allergy Menu Filter

Feb 11, 2015 | All School

Weeks in advance, the School’s lunch menu, which is planned by MVPS’ in-house partner SAGE Dining Services, is posted online to be viewed at your convenience and for planning purposes. For ease, the menu can be viewed three different ways – daily, weekly or monthly.
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Menu items are color-coded to help students make informed choices.
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In addition to producing a variety of tasty, healthy food, SAGE Dining Services provides excellent service, including an online allergy menu filter. This is a tool that can make eating in the dining hall less of a concern for those who have a food allergy.
Larry Morris, District Manager with SAGE Dining Services says, “This has been a well received application developed exclusively for our SAGE family and provides a wealth of information and comfort to parents who have food allergen concerns.”
To help find safe items in the dining hall, click on the allergens/restrictions tab in the online menu. Then, choose the allergen(s) that you want to avoid and see how the menu adjusts. If you want to know more about a dish, click directly on the menu item to get the full list of ingredients.
Sample menu without a filter:
Screenshot 2015-02-10 13.49.57
Sample menu with a gluten filter:
 Screenshot 2015-02-10 13.49.47
At Mount Vernon, we are pleased to partner with such a conscientious and relational group of people like our friends at SAGE.
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If at any time a family member would be interested in having a lunchtime experience with their student, they are welcome to join us on either campus. The homemade soups are especially good!