Getting ready for a new school year can be so exciting. Buying new school shoes or backpacks. Making sure you have the correct uniform pieces, laid out and ready for the first day of school. And this year – masks!

Inspired by blogger and educator Cassie Stephens, Lower School Visual Arts teacher Megan Lentz challenged students to draw a self-portrait, but with a twist.

These self-portraits were meant to show students in their masks, then open up and highlight the smiling faces that are underneath! In addition to drawing their faces – both masked and unmasked – students were also encouraged to write words around their faces that represent them. Some words shown were funny, kind, thankful, happy, and trustworthy, just to name a few.

After completing their portraits, students hung them proudly in the hallway outside of their classroom.

In other grades, students wrote about things and people they love alongside their smiling faces on their self-portraits.