Seniors Retreat to Reflect

Aug 23, 2017 | All School, College, Have Fun, Upper School News

Recapped by Ryan May, Associate College Counselor
The Class of 2018 is a force to be reckoned with.
Whether dodging paintballs or socializing in the wave pool, this year’s senior class consistently demonstrated inclusivity, self awareness, and a fierce desire to make a positive, indelible impact on the world.
Students actively participated in a number of activities focused on fostering a deeper sense of self and community. They creatively mapped out and reflected on the events in their lives that shaped who they are today. They outlined their plans for the future and expressed in small groups what they value about each other. A beautiful bonfire and a round of s’mores capped the evening, providing students with an opportunity to decompress and reflect on what they learned about themselves and their peers. In the morning we headed back to campus, where we gathered together, a community of learners, watching the sun and moon merge into one. Β Β