Student Spotlight; Nathan Lienau

Jan 10, 2014 | Fine Arts, Upper School News

Written by: Madeleine Williamson, Communications Committee member

Artwork provided by: Nathan Lienau

Isn’t this picture amazing, creative, and professional? Would you believe that it was created by a student from our very own Upper School? Well, it was! This graphic design piece was created by Mount Vernon sophomore, Nathan Lienau, who is a talented and avid artist as well as an athlete and a musician. Nathan recently won a graphic design competition for another piece, and has also recently put his skills to use for a business website. College counselor Mrs. Powell says, “Nathan was showing me a picture of a background page he did for a company. He’s a very talented student!” Nathan is also honing his artistic skills outside of graphic design by taking a photography class offered by Mount Vernon this year.

In addition to his artistic talent, however, Nathan’s skills and interests range much further than just art. According to Mrs. Powell, he is also talented and interested in the area of electronic music, having taken a course from Upper School Band Director and Praise Band teacher, Mr. Moore on electronic music last summer. In addition, Nathan took on a leadership role last summer as a counselor at YMCA Camp High Harbor and is a member of the Mount Vernon Varsity Swim and Dive team. Nathan is a multitalented student and vibrant member of the Upper School community whom we are lucky to have at Mount Vernon.