Students Demonstrate Learning in Division-Wide Exhibition

Oct 24, 2018 | All School, Build People Up, Come to Play, Fine Arts, Middle School News

Showcasing student work has never been so exciting, engaging, or fun — at Mount Vernon’s first-ever Middle School Learning Exhibition. A selection of student exhibits, visual art displays, performances, and projects were shared with families, faculty, and staff in a variety of creative ways by grades 5 and 6 on Founders Campus and grades 7 and 8 on Glenn Campus.
Humanities: Invented Islands
A group of students shared islands that they invented while learning about geographic features, demonstrating foundational geography skills, while using their imaginations.
Mathematics: River Trail Maps
Students shared how they used fractional measurements to create a map for a river trail, demonstrating how to navigate and traverse a fictional environment.
Science: Fast Chemical Reactions
Students shared a science experiment demonstrating fast chemical reactions, or ‘explosions’ by popping a sandwich bag with carbon dioxide created from a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.
Humanities/Literature: I Am Wall – Rejecting Stereotypes
A video documenting student creation of an I Am Wall to battle stereotypes was shared.
Humanities/Pioneer Course: Family Feud
14 students battled it out Family Feud style in preparation for an upcoming assessment.
Science: Sky Observations
Students shared a hands- the use of sky viewers
Science: Air Mass Interactions
Students demonstrated the interaction of air masses using hot and cold colored water in a tank.
Writing Class: Fan Art
Guests observed fan art, accompanied by a brief explanation of the fanfiction story.
Literature: Blackout Poetry
Guests toured a museum-style exhibit, observing examples of students’ blackout poetry.
Conflict Course: Journey through Design
Students shared how they engaged the process of design during their expedition to the Center for Civil and Human Rights.