Uniform Guidelines

At Mount Vernon, students wear uniforms from Kindergarten through Grade 12. We believe uniforms promote consistency, where students stand out for their character, not their clothes. Having a unified look increases brand awareness and supports an inclusive community. With a wide variety of options, students are welcome to find their style and dress for their day. 

Flynn O’Hara Uniforms, Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger, and Land’s End (school code #: 900075656) are Mount Vernon’s primary uniform providers. Any uniform item requiring the Mount Vernon logo is to be purchased from one of these approved merchants.

Everyday Uniform
Everyday Uniform
Dress Uniform
Everyday Uniform
Spirit Wear


The Everyday Uniform will be worn on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and may be required for specific events. Khaki/navy/charcoal gray bottoms must meet school standards – appropriately sized, full-length if pants, not washed out, not leggings, not corduroy, not denim. All collared shirts must be “Mount Vernon” monogrammed. Pullovers (sweaters or sweatshirts) must be pre-approved (arts/athletic) outerwear. No jeans, except on Fridays. College sweatshirts are for seniors only. 


The Dress Uniform will be worn on Wednesdays and when otherwise designated for events, presentations, or other special situations such as chapel. Khaki/navy/charcoal gray bottoms must meet school standards – appropriately sized, full-length if pants, not washed out, not leggings, not corduroy, not denim. White, light blue, or blue & white gingham button-down oxford cloth shirts and gray or navy sweaters must be “Mount Vernon” monogrammed. 


Spirit Day is every Friday unless otherwise designated. Spirit wear consists of any Mount Vernon top (i.e., t-shirt, team jersey, sweatshirt) worn with uniform pants/skirt/shorts/skorts or nice jeans (no rips/holes, no jean skirts/shorts). Upper Campus game days: In-season athletic teams can wear their School-approved team attire, which must be coordinated and matching, as a team.


The uniform should be worn as intended and be clean, neat, and not wrinkled. All items should be labeled with the student’s name. 

  • Shirts must be tucked in. 
  • Skirts must be no more than three inches above the top of the knee.
  • Skirt waistbands may not be rolled up.
  • Khaki/navy/charcoal gray shorts and skorts must be walking shorts length.
  • Khaki/navy/charcoal gray pants/shorts/skorts/skirts may be purchased at any store.
  • Oversized clothing is not acceptable at any time.
  • Privacy shorts must be worn under skirts/dresses. 
  • Navy, white, black, or gray tights/leggings may be worn under skirts/dresses.
  • The student’s name should appear in all clothing items. Lost and found is frequently discarded or donated.


Navy or gray monogrammed uniform zip-ups or pullovers, and pre-approved arts/athletics tops are acceptable for outerwear. Any secondary layer that is not Mount Vernon branded is not permitted in the buildings at any time. During extreme weather conditions, appropriate outerwear is acceptable and will be removed once indoors. Hats are not allowed to be worn on campus unless for a specific event or occasion. 


Socks: Gray, black, navy or white socks are acceptable (any color on spirit day)

Shoes: Tan, black, gray, navy, or white closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes are acceptable (any color on spirit day). No crocs, house shoes, slippers, or boots.


  • Lower School students must bring in athletic shoes for PE class to keep at school (any color). 
  • Middle/Upper School students must wear athletic shoes to participate in PE. 


Boys’ hair length should be no longer than the top of the eyebrow, middle of ear and top of shirt collar. Facial hair is not allowed. With the exception of girls’ ears, visible body piercing is not permitted. 

School administrators reserve the right to require students to make adjustments if any aspect of their appearance disrupts or distracts from the learning environment.