Upper School Student Life

Over the years, student socials have been extremely important to the Mount Vernon community. Each year, the Upper School is home to a series of dynamic events that provide a way for students to connect and get excited about school. Participating in dress up days and class competitions for Homecoming, attending pep rallies and dances, and venturing out on annual retreats are just a few examples of the events learners experience every year. Mount Vernon learners, in collaboration with the Deans of Student Life, organize these engaging events.

The Upper School addresses the needs of the whole student not only in the classroom and on the playing fields but also through a wide variety of clubs. Clubs enable students to pursue specific areas of interest outside of the classroom and help develop skills such as the ability to communicate, work with others, create, and innovate. Clubs are open to all Upper School students and enable them to experience the arts, community service, learning about other cultures, technology, athletics, intellectual stimulation, academic achievement, and much more. The students in the Upper School are encouraged to join a club of choice at any time and are even given the opportunity to start a club if they have a particular area of interest. The clubs as well as the activities associated with the clubs are dependent on the needs of the Upper School student body with new clubs forming every year.

Students at The Mount Vernon School understand that social responsibility is more than a graduation expectation. It is at the heart of our goal to design a better world. Serving and supporting our community while teaching our students the value of selflessness, compassion, and responsibility have never been more important than now. We believe that times of crisis can bring out the best of humanity.

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