Upper School Students Construct Evergreen Noise Barrier at the Lost Corner Nature Preserve

Feb 26, 2020 | Come to Play, IMAMUSTANG, Impact, Inquiry, Multiplier, PBL/IBL, Share the Well, Upper School News

Last week, Upper School students in the Ecological Rhetoric and AP Environmental Science classes installed an Evergreen Sound Barrier at the Lost Corner Preserve in Sandy Springs. This project was pitched to the City of Sandy Springs and approved to be done by this group of Mustangs and their teachers, Brande Jones and Jennifer Lloyd.

Prior to the group construction, Aqil Merchant and Ben Koch did extensive research both on the tree selection for the barrier, and the placement and spacing of the layout. With an overwhelming amount of plant species to choose from with a project similar to this, Aqil and Ben had a lot of information to sift through in order to make their decision.

On construction day, 39 students planted 24 trees! Even in rainy and muddy conditions, the students didn’t hold back. They jumped right in, not cutting any corners, while excavating holes for the trees.

The students installed the trees, while meeting proper horticulture procedures, and now Michael Barnett, Landscape Manager for the Recreation and Parks Department in Sandy Springs who worked with the students on the project, will take care of the more cosmetic aspects (pruning, staking, watering, etc.).