US & MS Preview Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy

Oct 13, 2021 | Fine Arts, Middle School News, Upper School News

Contributed via The Curator, Written by Class of 2023 William Nix

The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong

As some might say, “the show must go on.” Well, in The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong, that is exactly what happens. The MV Allstars have been working tirelessly since August to get this hilarious piece ready for its premiere on October 21. The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong is a play within a play, and the show that lays beneath the primary show title is named The Muder at Haversham Manor.

This production takes place in the early 1900s, where a man named Charles Haversham (played by Jonathan (played by William Nix)) is unexpectedly found dead. In response to his death, a cast of quirky and charming characters scramble together to find out who killed him. When Inspector Carter (played by Chris (played by Win Scott)), is called in, he learns he is solely responsible for solving the case and working diligently to do so.

As the play transpires, the audience learns that the cast is less than perfect. From the beginning speech led by Chris to the ending dramatic twist, the audience can expect to find themselves rolling in laughter over the hijinks that occur throughout the show.

Producing this show has been a great team effort. Clark Taylor, the Director, loves the challenges that producing the show has brought. “I love to have a creative, collaborative environment where we can experiment and throw it on the wall and see what sticks.” And Shea Griffith, Stage Manager, says, “My favorite part about the production has been the comedic discovery process. This show is filled with so many comedic moments, so it has been fun working those moments out.

The show features Win Scott as Inspector Carter/Chris, Michael Barwood as Thomas Colleymoore/Robert, Kat Perry as Florence Colleymoore/Sandra, Warren Neel as Cecil Haversham/Max, Piper Hendryx as Perkins/Dennis, William Nix as Charles Haversham/Jonathan, Sydney Tiffin as Annie, and Dennis Norman as Trevor. The MV Allstars cast of The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong hopes to see you there and hopes that you are ready to laugh! Performances will be held on October 21 – 23 in the Upper School Black Box and tickets can be reserved here.

Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

You might ask yourself, “does magic exist?” In Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic, we learn how to truly find ourselves through the power of laughter and magic itself. Told from the humble perspective of a badger-themed student dorm, the magic and whimsy of a boarding school for wizards come to our school (with puppets!). The show has been praised for its comedy and staging and was nominated for the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for “Best Unique Theatrical Experience” in 2017.

The MV Junior Allstars have been rehearsing nonstop since early September to bring this witty piece to the main stage. Join Wayne (played by Caleb Campbell), as he navigates his way through school and the world of wizardry. Wayne is joined by a cast of quirky characters like Megan, not to be mistaken with Hermeoone, and Oliver, who is not to be mistaken with Ron Mop. Spencer Stephens, the Director, describes the show as a “fast and funny show, but it’s also a challenging show for the cast and crew.” The students have been involved in all aspects of making this show happen, and Mr. Stephens loves “watching everyone step out of their comfort zone and surprise themselves with how well they’re doing.”

The MV Junior Allstars are more than excited to welcome you back to the main stage, and they hope you are prepared to laugh your socks off!

Puffs features Caleb Campbell as Wayne Hopkins, Jalen Hagans as Oliver Rivers, Siena Ferrara as Megan Jones, David Kamer as Narrator, Cade Dehem as Ernie Mac, Avery Cole as Hannah, Oliver Membrillo as J. Finch Fletchley. Peyton Fuller as Leanne, Lily Tuck as Sally Perks, Sonoma Peterson as Susie Bones, Max Franklin as Cedric, Sierra Peterson as Harry & Others, Julia Houseal as Mr. Voldy & Others, Charlotte Chaffin as Xavia Jones & Others, and Hannah Douglas as A Certain Potions Teacher & Others. Smith Andres, Annabelle Bolton, Annie Bumbardner, Rex Garlinghouse, Charlotte McMillan, Elle O’Neal, Stephen Pierce, Sadie Thomas, Vivienne Veach, and Amalie Zufari are featured in the Ensemble. Holly Vogt and Ryanne Kelly are the Student Directors and the Tech Crew is composed of Michael Fennelly, Cameron Flotta, Rhilynn Franklin, Aisha Franklyn, Stella Love, Tara Patel, Miles Woodruff, and Carter Rankin.

Performances will be held November 3rd – 6th in the Middle School Black Box.

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