Varsity Softball: Mustang Strong at 10 and 3

Sep 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

photoWith just six returning team members, including one senior, this season’s diamond girls are eager to get to Columbus, GA. Their success during the past two seasons earned them a spot in the top 16, statewide, both times. This year, though, they are determined to make the Final 8. Coach Mike Edmonson thinks they can, saying, “I feel confident this team will qualify for state – we are so solid at the plate. If we can tighten up our defense a little, we will make it all the way to Columbus.”
Edmonson continues, “Not only do these girls have raw talent, they are working really hard. Starting with mid-summer workouts, we ran skills and drills. As a result, they are hitting great – making strategic adjustments from pitch to pitch. They are hitting the ball hard, putting pressure on the other team. The kids are playing smart by making the pitcher bring them the ball instead of swinging at whatever is thrown.”
Our Varsity team plays 28 games per season – 7 regional and 21 local, in addition to three tournaments of four games each. Already this season, they trophied in the Temple Tiger Invitational – third place! It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Mustangs typically have the most parental support at the field – whether home or away.
Join the Booster Club and show your support for our powerful Varsity Softball team at a pre-game picnic on Saturday, September 13. More details to follow.
(Thanks to Lisa Whitstine – Mom to #7 Brittany – for the team photo!)