Welcome to Night Vale – US Winter Drama Production – March 17/18 @ 7pm

Feb 25, 2015 | Fine Arts, Upper School News

Purchase tickets now for the Upper School’s drama production of WELCOME TO NIGHT VALERESCHEDULED SHOW DATES: Tuesday, March 17 and Wednesday, March 18 @ 7:00 p.m.
Join the ALLStars for an innovative Manual Cinema performance!
Shadow puppetry, multi-media set prep, musical apps, live band, glass panel projection and an intricately eerie plot.
Following the heels of last year’s American premiere of SEEDS, the ALLstars will serve up their world premiere of Welcome to Night Vale, a staged adaptation of the viral podcast. Another collaborative and innovative first for the theatre program at Mount Vernon, this production utilizes the artform of projected puppetry. The audience will sit in the cafeteria and watch the performance take place through the glass dividers of the black box theater! Inspired by the work of Manual Cinema, this adaptation by Trey Boden and Clark Taylor will be like nothing you’ve seen. A visual and aural treat for the senses.

Lead Actor/Narrator: Sam Lovejoy
Puppeteers: Makenzie Cartwright, Maomao Guo, Savannah Rettig, Stacey She, Anya Smith-Roman and Kaylyn Winters
Technical Artists: Joshua Eastwood and Jackson Dalton (live orchestra)The ALLstars are working again with puppetry master, Lee Bryan, who has collaborated on many MV productions.
SYNOPSIS – Welcome to Night Vale 
This show has been described as “the news from Lake Wobegon as seen through the eyes of Stephen King, and Christopher Wynn of  The Dallas Morning News characterized it as “NPR” meets The Mothman Prophecies. It has been compared to being “caught somewhere between Our Town and Twin Peaks” and that it is “well worth a listen—although possibly not after dark, if you live in a small town by yourself.” Colin Griffith of The AV Club said the show is “really well done, offering a surrealist/absurdist (and occasionally existentialist) take on community radio, with dispatches from the small, delectably nightmarish desert town of Night Vale.” Writing for TechGeek, Erin Hill considered the uniqueness of the podcast to be “its presentation of what is ordinary,” adding that “many of the things that Cecil reports, goes against our idea of normal, but is presented in a manner that makes it seem mundane.”In July 2013, Welcome to Night Vale was ranked second on the top 10 audio podcasts list on iTunes, behind radio program This American Life. During the same month, it surpassed that same program to become first on the podcasts list, having received 150,000 downloads during a single week. In December 2013, The AV Club ranked the show 7th on its Best Podcasts of 2013 list.