Curiosity & Passion Drive Learning

  • Interim Term

    Through international and domestic travel, internships, mission work, and service learning, students explore their personal interests and serve their community through this week-long experience.  

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  • iProject

    The (i)Project is a unique opportunity for Upper School learners to cultivate their curiosities and take creative risks. Working independently or in a group, students take a deep dive into a topic of their choosing to deepen their understanding of a real-world issue.

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  • Student Life

    Naturally, our students’ curiosities and passions live out boldly on playing fields,  in art studios, on stage, in clubs, at social events, and through leadership opportunities and service. Mount Vernon’s Upper School experience offers a variety of ways for students to be their best selves.


Relationships are Foundational for Learning

College Counseling

Beginning in ninth grade, our college counselors recognize each student’s unique goals and aspirations. Through group and one-on-one sessions, they spend a significant amount of time crafting an individualized college plan for each student.

Advisory Groups

We take a networked and multi-layered approach to advising students. All Mount Vernon learners benefit from the mentoring and counseling of a faculty advisor who provides the first layer of academic advisement for a group of around ten students. 

Academic Resources

The Academic Resource Center provides students the tools and opportunities they need for academic success. Our resource specialists work with students, teachers, and parents developing instructional strategies to personalize learning.

Learners Apply Knowledge to Make an Impact

Innovation Diploma

This cohort experience, co-designed by the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation, positions students to work alongside entrepreneurs, community leaders, and proven innovators tackling issues and solving wicked problems. Serving as leaders in design thinking and in the principles of innovation, students are empowered to positively impact the world and people around them.

Design Thinking

Believing designers change the world, we teach children to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Beyond Lower School, Middle and Upper School students build upon these approaches to learning but on a deeper level.

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Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces

Maker, Design, Engineering

Mount Vernon’s Maker, Design & Engineering (MDE) program provides a robust, intentional, and calibrated platform for students to utilize a wide assortment of tools and technologies. With access to CNC machines, laser cutters, power tools, 3D printers, and microelectronics in an open and collaborative space, students are able to explore all aspects of a maker community.

Empathy Influences Learning

The Humanities Program

In this integrated course, ninth and tenth grade students examine the evolution of human civilizations. Discovering how innovation, ethics, solutions, creativity, communication, and collaboration have shaped the human experience, students analyze contemporary and historical societies through the lens of literature, history, politics, economics, philosophy, religious faith, ethics, architecture, art, and music.

Service Learning

Developing hearts of service is an essential component of the Upper School experience. Recognizing the importance of compassion and generosity, we involve students in hands-on service experiences. Through our annual Helping Hands Day and monthly service projects, students spend over 10,000 hours serving the needs of others in the Atlanta area.

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